1. Login to your Sonlet account
    • Don't have a Sonlet account? Or want to set up a new one? Click here to create a new account, upgrade it to a consultant account. Then enable Sonlet Shops from here by clicking the big blue button that says "Enable Sonlet Shops".
  2. Check that Sonlet Shops is enabled on your account by navigating to the Sonlet Shops Home page here.
    (If you can't get to the Sonlet Shops home page, email our customer support team and they'll help you right away.)
  3. Connect your bank account to Sonlet Shops here, so commissions from your Shops' sales can be deposited directly to your personal or business bank account.
  4. From the Sonlet Shops Home page, click "Create Shop", name your shop, and customize the shop url. You can add a shop photo here or wait to add it later.
  5. Click "Add products". Browse the catalog and find the products that you'd like to offer your customers.
    • Add your products to "Collections" so that your customers can easily find the items they are looking for on your Shop. For those that do Facebook Album sales, collection names will become the Facebook Album name when you Sync to Facebook.
    • Pro Tip: The Add products tray allows you to discount the price of the item. You can discount the item down to the wholesale price.
    • Pro Tip: You can add items directly to your own cart from the Add products page, so you can preorder items to show off during a Facebook live sale or model for instagram or wall drops. Any items that you add to your cart from the Add Products page will automatically be added to a shop called "Just For Me", so you can easily find the items later for reordering.
  6. Use the links at the top of the page to return to your shop and see the products that you added and preview how the Shop will look for your customers.
  7. Click "Sync to Facebook" to Sync your Shop to a Facebook Group. 
    • Sonlet Shops will create an album for each collection in the Shop. 
    • Customize a message to include in the comments of the picture posted. Include a url so that your customers can come back to your Shop on Sonlet.com and add the item to cart and checkout.
  8. That's it! Share your Shop Link or promote the items on your Facebook group...it's that' easy. Sonlet.com handles all the Sales Tax, Invoicing, and the supplier will Ship the items directly to your customer's door.  

Track sales made from your Sonlet Shops from the Sonlet Shops Sales Page.  Commissions will be deposited directly to your bank account.  You can track commissions by visiting your Stripe Dashboard for Sonlet from the billing settings page

You and your customers can track the purchases that they make on Sonlet Shops from the Purchase History page

Give us feedback - the more the better… we might not get to all of it, but we listen to everything you say.  What’s broken? What’s confusing? Did something not make sense?  Did you get lost? Or stuck? Where? How could we improve? Take screen shots on your phone or on your computer of things that are busted.  Get instant support by joining our Sonlet Shops Slack Workspace, or write them down and email them to support@sonlet.com.